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Riopel Safekeeping Boxes are the ideal solution when your customers/members need secure lockers to store valuables and personal effects. We have several options to satisfy members and other customers: Compartments - 3" H. x 6" W. x 15" D., 6" x 6" x 15", 5" x 4" x 14" and 5" x 6" x 14". Compartments depths of 6" and 8" also available. Doors with padlockable latches. Doors with high security locks. Doors with combination locks. Doors with two locks. Coin or token locks.

Safekeeping Boxes may be installed in the wall (recessed), on the wall (surfacemount) or on a pedestal and suitable for: Arenas, Gynasiums, Swimming Pools, Hotels, Motels, YMCA, YWCA, Athletic Centers, Hockey Rinks, Skating Rinks, Golf Resorts, Health Clubs, Spas.