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Model 7000 frontloading boxes are designed to be semi-recessed. The all welded collar extends 4" from the wall. The inset (bin) portion of the box requires a rough opening depth of 10-3/4".

When preparing the rough opening for the inset portion of the boxes make the rough opening 1/2" wider and 1/2" higher than the actual dimensions of the inset.

Boxes may be affixed to the opening by:
    1 - drilling holes in either the side of the bin portion of     the box and screwing the box into the rear of the     rough opening;
    2 - drilling holes in either the side, top or bottom of the     bin portion of the boxes and screwing into side
    frame supports.

Where 2 or more modules are to be fitted together - do not bolt the collars together. This can put misalign the sliding lockbar assembly in each module. Instead use 2 x 3 wooden uprights between the modules and screw the bin portion of each module to the upright. This will assure solid cohesion between the units without affecting the lockbar.



Required Tools
Hammer drill
Long Robinson or Phillips screwdriver
Stubby Robinson or Phillips screwdriver

Suggested Fasteners
#10 screws - 1-1/2" to 2"
Wood, metal (Tapcon for masonry walls)