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Doors of 3/4" aluminum and frame of 3/16" aluminum plate with sturdily built and painted cabinet box makes these superior mailboxes. Six different box sizes gives the flexibility to create whatever configuration of mailboxes is required. The "A" size box is for private use unless approved by the Post Office. Model 7000 can be installed semi-recessed requiring 10-1/2" wall depth or recessed and all compartments are usable. Model 7200 is installed fully recessed and one compartment is used for the Post Office lock or private control lock.

Standard Features:

"Semi-recessed" installation in an outer collar (acts as own trim) M7000
Fully recessed installation with optional trim ( M7000 and M7200)
Beveled edged 1/4" aluminum plate doors
5-pin-cam locks with 1000 lock changes (3 keys each )
All welded 22 gauge steel interior bins painted grey
3/16" solid aluminum plate main panel door
 Label holders welded to the front of each opening
Engraved plastic number plate or engraved doors
Full length continuous piano door hinge
Horizontal brushed finish with a clear lacquer coating
Front panel for Post Office or private sub-lock
14" deep compartments