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When space is limited we can offer some solutions to save space and satisfy your requirements for the mailbox location and installation.

Our Lockinbar with it's all point security feature is surely the way to go with front loading mailboxes. However if in no way do you have the space then you can go without the Lockinbar which would save 3-1/2" on the width of each module. You would then only have a one point locking system, that is, the Post Office lock. The mailbox module would still have the 14 gauge offset frame which would provide substantial strength and rigidity to the module.


When the module is seven or eight doors high an added security feature would be to install two Post Office locks, one or two doors from the top and bottom of the module. Post Office personnel would have to approve such a system, which is normally given. Of course you lose the use of these boxes for mail delivery. Another space saver to consider is the Model 4000. With the door height only 5-1/2" the height of an 8 high unit is only 45-1/2". As a special order we could do a nine high Model 4000 with height of 51". Again you would need the approval of the Post Office personnel.

In some special cases the Post Office may accept smaller boxes, 5" high x 4" wide if that is the only alternative to a very restrictive location. The way to proceed is to discuss your needs with Post Office personnel.