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Riopel Mailboxes


Riopel’s iconic M1000 stainless steel vertical mailboxes have been the most popular for a very long time and this popularity continues today. To emphasize their durability and solid manufacture some are still in use after 30+ years of service. As a testament to it’s popularity many lock manufacturers make locks for the M1000. It is difficult to exceed the appearance and longevity of our polished stainless steel M1000 mailboxes. If you are seeking good looks, long lasting, maintenance free and Post Office approved vertical mailboxes Riopel’s M1000 should be your effortless preference. The M1000 is available in fully recessed, semi-recessed, surface mounted, exterior wall mounted, pedestal mounted, hi-riser exterior wall mounted and pedestal mounted models with choice of 3 to 16 compartments. Many exclusive options are available: push buttons, letter slots, parcel doors, padlockable, combination locks, etc. Beyond the standard security features the M1000 has optional and exclusive security features which are intended for areas with high risk of illegal mailbox break-ins. Riopel recently introduced the M1000 Strongbox which provides the ultimate protection for mail, packages and other contents. Riopel has the most secure vertical mailboxes in the market. Contact us for full details.