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Riopel Mailboxes


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Fully assembled unit with attractive front frame and door with pull handle, fish resistant deposit hopper and baffle fingers. In the case of Book Depistories the housing has a stainless steel chute and slow down.

The unit consists of three sections: the front frame, deposit hopper with front to match frame, housing with stainless steel chute.

The frame is made of 3/16" thick aluminum plate. The door is made of 1/4" thick aluminum plate. Both door and frame are brushed and lacquered clear. The door is engraved and black filled. Special engraving and key locks are available at extra cost. The housing is made from 18 gauge galvanized steel, primed and painted silver grey. In the case of Book Depositories the housing is made from 18 gauge stainless steel. The baffle finger is made from 16 gauge steel with heavy duty continuous hinge

A stainless steel door and frame is available as an option. We can also custom design and manufacture units to meet your own special requirements.