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Riopel Mailboxes

    Best Chutes for:

  • mail drop
  • book return
  • dropboxes
  • package drop
  • collection boxes
  • deposit boxes
  • postal dropboxes
  • key drop boxes
  • book dropboxes
  • drop-off boxes
  • parcel delivery boxes
  • mail chutes
  • parcel delivery boxes
  • document dropboxes
  • office dropboxes
  • mail collection boxes
  • book depositories
  • evidence dropboxes
  • drugs disposal boxes
  • parcel drop
  • safekeeping boxes
  • package delivery boxes.

Riopel Mailboxes have, by far, the widest range of standard and custom chutes for mail, packages and other items. Most chutes are made from 1/4" aluminum plate with .050" thick stainless steel tray but we also offer chute doors and frames in polished stainless steel. Chutes can be lockable or with post office lock. Please see the full range of chutes, dropboxes and mailsafe mailboxes on the Riopel full line website.